Home Staging helps your house sell faster and for more money

Why stage an empty house for sale?

Statistics show that time on the market is reduced and sales amounts are greater in a staged home. But visualizing perspective is often difficult to do in an empty room. To enhance the spaciousness of a room, we choose appropriately scaled furniture, artwork, and accessories to encourage the buyer to see how their own furnishings might fit the space. Style and usage of the rooms should be in line with neighborhood demographics and target buyers.

We walk through your house with you and discuss home staging choices for each room. We prioritize the cost effectiveness of the areas to be staged in the home, perhaps with optional staging for some rooms.

This free consultation will take less than one hour. Within 24 hours, a written staging proposal and a copy of our contract will be sent to the home owner and/or real estate agent to review.

Home Staging Living Room 6

What service do we offer the owner
of an occupied space?

We provide an approximate two hour home staging consultation with recommendations for cosmetic improvements, de-cluttering, and optimized furniture placement. This will also include an assessment of curb appeal and exterior improvements. Within 48 hours of completing the staging assessment, Clients will receive a list of practical and efficient solutions to showcase their home. This service is provided at a rate of $75 per hour.

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How can we assist real estate agents?

We work with agent's demographic suggestions for targeting buyers though our home staging choices. Whether for the urban house, suburban home, or outlying country homes, we aim to maximize profit potential. We always strive in the setup and removal schedule to meet realtors showing and closing dates.

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We have a large warehouse from which we choose the appropriate furniture, art, accessories and carpets to complement the style of the home, from contemporary Belltown condos to Victorians, bungalows, 60's ramblers, or Eastside mansions.

What areas do we serve?

Seattle and surrounding areas included but not limited to Shoreline, Lynnwood, Edmonds, Kenmore, Bellevue, Redmond and Kirkland.

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What does staging an empty home cost?

Prices start around $1200 for partial staging based on square footage, number and type of rooms, access and location, etc. The costs set forth in a home staging proposal include:

  • Design: selection and installation – onetime up front fee
  • Moving: delivery, installation and pick up – one time up front fee
  • Rental: first month’s furniture rental fee

Subsequent fees are only the monthly furniture rental fee.